NVK Dog Training Collar – 2 Receiver


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  • 3 Training Collar Modes: Dog training collar with remote. 3 training modes (include Static Shock Mode (1-99 levels), Vibration Mode (1-9 levels) and standard Tone Mode (Beep Mode)). Solve uncontrollable dog behavior.
  • 4 Channel Selection: NVK dog shock collar with remote supports maximum 4 dogs training, 1 remote transmitter. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to set the collar, 1-4 channels, can train up to four dogs.
  • Remote Range & Long Battery Life: Supports remote control 1600ft. Both the receiver and the remote control are powered by a lithium polymer battery with a magnetic charging port. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. supports 6 hours of continuous use and 15 days in standby.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Training Collar: When the collar is placed in a water depth of 1 meter and can be used for up to 30 minutes, the product can still be used normally and will not be affected. Your dog can swim or bathe freely while wearing a collar.
  • Dog Shock Collar With Security Keypad Lock: Dog training collar with security keyboard lock. When the training is over, slide up to lock the keyboard to prevent accidental injury to the dog. Adjustable nylon collar length from 12 to 25 inches, suitable for all size of dogs.


Main Characteristic of NVK Dog Training Collar Set:
1. The maximum distance it covers is as wide as 1600 feet.
2. 3 Training modes: beep tone, vibration, and static training modes.3. Magnetic charging port design and ipx7 waterproof for the receiver.
4. 9 Adjustable vibration level and 99 adjustable static level.
5. 2 Battery status display for remote and receiver.
6. Support maximum 4 receiver collars with one remote
7. Equipped with LED indicator for the remote control and the low power alert for the receiver .
8. Equipped with 4 memory settings, training different dogs is no need to reset levels.
9. Long life lithium polymer battery.

Dog Training Tips for the Beginner:
1. Before using the dog training collar, make sure that the contact points must have direct contact with dog’s skin on the underside of neck.
2. Do not wear receiver more than 12 hours.
3. To make your dog to adapted to the training tool, it is recommended to start training dogs at a lower level.
4. Adjust the most comfortable collar length to your dog, do not too loose or too tight.

How to find the Best Static Level for Your Dog:
Very Important: Always start at the Lowest level and choose the level that is best for dog

Have 1 to 99 different stimulation Levels. Follow the steps below to find the best level: Step 1: Starting at level 10 on the digital display, press the static button to see dog’s reaction
Step 2: Move up through the stimulation levels until your pet reliably responds to the stimulation
step 3: If your dog continues to show no responds at level 50, check the fit of the receiver collar.

If your dog has long or thick hair, change to a longer set of contact points, or dog’s hair will need to be trimmed around the contact points


544 reviews for NVK Dog Training Collar – 2 Receiver

  1. Deena Smith

    It’s pretty good. Have had some issues with it charging and the shock setting. Otherwise I’m happy with it

  2. Randi Carr

    I love this product I only wish I didn’t have to use a remote with it. Otherwise, great quality!

  3. Anthony Chaney

    Great product. I have been able to train my dogs to stay in the yard with this. They respond well to the audible alert.

  4. Collin Doyle

    Great product. Adjustable and great dog reaction

  5. Sarah Ann Pink

    The product works as described and was easy to use.

  6. Edward McCusker

    Dog collar works great. Would purchase again

  7. Kaye McCormick

    This dog collar is extremely easy to set up and use. The instructions are clear on how to use it.

  8. Bethany

    The directions were clear and helpful

  9. Michael Kintner

    I wish it was easier to switch between my four dogs. I would rather just press teh channel button vs pressing and hold the channel button then turning the nob.

  10. Rochelle Vincent

    Great product. The only thing I would change is to make the multiple dog feature more user friendly. When trying to correct my 2 dogs at the same time the reaction time is not as quick as I would like with how you have to switch from collar 1 to collar 2.

  11. Gina Sullivan

    Got to replace an old device still getti and use to the new one Not much else to add just yet
    Seems much easier to use than trying yo register the product witn a …

  12. Holly Brook

    A watch remote would be cool. Something that could be attached to you that had a switch of some sort. It is a good product other than I have to look for the remote.

  13. Eric G Fawcett

    Easy to setup. The correction was noticable quickly with our dog’s.

  14. Julie Driscoll

    I purchased this end of January, and one of the collars will not pair with the remote, and the remote will not change to a different collar. I need customer support, have sent 3 emails, with no response. I am satisfied with the one collar that works, but need the remote to work with the additional collar and no one will respond to me.

  15. Sarah Babcock

    I just wish I could buy a replacement charger

  16. Clayton Kirchmar

    I need a warranty as the power button is not functional on one of the collars

  17. Marjorie Ponce De Leon

    It works very well. I bought two sets and they work well together.

  18. Pamela Sandoval

    My dogs went from barking and getting out the fence and being a bit aggressive to not barking and not getting out and liking more dogs and being a chill dog

  19. Michelle Hernandez

    Our baby is a 2.5 year old GSD and it works perfect on level 45 for the shock and 9 for the vibration. I’ve used it for less than 2 weeks and he listens to my commands now with out the collar being used!!

  20. Samantha Combs

    Works great, love it. The remote is giving us some trouble but hoping customer service can help us.

  21. Amy Thompson

    So far, so good. Excited to get started with this product to train my dog to stay in the yard.

  22. Melissa Tucker

    The remote is too big but the rest is okay. Seems a little cheap material

  23. Larry Warner

    the device works but not as effective on one of our dogs as it needs to be. not powerful enough. Very dense undercoat of fur prevents it for doing what it needs to do

  24. Lucy Lee

    Easy to use. Nice design. Very effective.

  25. Amber jones

    I haven’t had a chance to use the product yet, but the package arrived the next day as it stated

  26. Gina Weising

    Need more time to use it first

  27. Connie Esparza

    Product is good only problem is that both collars work only for collar one

  28. Kendra Hornbeck

    A little difficult switching between channels

  29. James Duncan

    Great product so far. Great price

  30. malory hinks

    This product is really good only thing is coller has excess dogs can chew on and get frayed

  31. Donelle Swihart

    Works just as described. Love that there are 2 collars with 1 remote for both of our dogs

  32. Nicholas Galloway

    Dont have enough use to have a good evaluation yet.

  33. Jeanette Hungerford

    I really enjoy the collars! My dogs are getting better now!!!

  34. Candina Beebe

    The only problem I’ve come across is how to recharge the receivers

  35. Caitlyn frank

    This product works very well for our 2 huskys

  36. Anthony Tohill

    Dogs instantly started acting better. I don’t really have to result to shocking unless they run out like crazies. I did however use the shock on myself at 1 and could feel it…. I couldn’t imagine using it higher than 10 on our pups. All in all love this product is a life saver.

  37. Julissa Martinez

    The best collar I could find, especially for the price. The battery life on the remote and each collar is very long lasting, the remote and indicates the battery life of itself and each collar. The collars have held up great in the rain and snow, even when my dogs are just running through or swimming in the water. The different range and settings is great for each of my dogs, I plan on getting another set for the my third dog instead of sharing since you can pair up to 4 collars to one remote. Great collar for a great price! Highly recommend!

  38. Lanell irvin

    I have been very happy from day one with these collars . My fur baby’s listen now . Happy with the 2 warnings before having to shock .

  39. Rob Nicoll


  40. Phyllis Kasper

    battery lasts along time, quality of product is good, range of product is great,

  41. J Monique Brooks

    Very easy to use. Seems to be working well.

  42. Candace Day

    Best training collar I have tried yet! Works perfect stays charged for over one month on dog, I am very happy with the quality and value of the training collar

  43. Teresa Hutton

    I haven’t used them yet my two puppies are just 10 wks old. But I plan to use them

  44. Errin Woodward

    I loved this at first. But now I’m having trouble with the remote. It won’t switch collars. I know how to use because it used to work but now doesn’t which basically makes one collar unusable.

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