NVK Dog Training Collar – 2 Receiver


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  • 3 Training Collar Modes: Dog training collar with remote. 3 training modes (include Static Shock Mode (1-99 levels), Vibration Mode (1-9 levels) and standard Tone Mode (Beep Mode)). Solve uncontrollable dog behavior.
  • 4 Channel Selection: NVK dog shock collar with remote supports maximum 4 dogs training, 1 remote transmitter. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to set the collar, 1-4 channels, can train up to four dogs.
  • Remote Range & Long Battery Life: Supports remote control 1600ft. Both the receiver and the remote control are powered by a lithium polymer battery with a magnetic charging port. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. supports 6 hours of continuous use and 15 days in standby.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Training Collar: When the collar is placed in a water depth of 1 meter and can be used for up to 30 minutes, the product can still be used normally and will not be affected. Your dog can swim or bathe freely while wearing a collar.
  • Dog Shock Collar With Security Keypad Lock: Dog training collar with security keyboard lock. When the training is over, slide up to lock the keyboard to prevent accidental injury to the dog. Adjustable nylon collar length from 12 to 25 inches, suitable for all size of dogs.


Main Characteristic of NVK Dog Training Collar Set:
1. The maximum distance it covers is as wide as 1600 feet.
2. 3 Training modes: beep tone, vibration, and static training modes.3. Magnetic charging port design and ipx7 waterproof for the receiver.
4. 9 Adjustable vibration level and 99 adjustable static level.
5. 2 Battery status display for remote and receiver.
6. Support maximum 4 receiver collars with one remote
7. Equipped with LED indicator for the remote control and the low power alert for the receiver .
8. Equipped with 4 memory settings, training different dogs is no need to reset levels.
9. Long life lithium polymer battery.

Dog Training Tips for the Beginner:
1. Before using the dog training collar, make sure that the contact points must have direct contact with dog’s skin on the underside of neck.
2. Do not wear receiver more than 12 hours.
3. To make your dog to adapted to the training tool, it is recommended to start training dogs at a lower level.
4. Adjust the most comfortable collar length to your dog, do not too loose or too tight.

How to find the Best Static Level for Your Dog:
Very Important: Always start at the Lowest level and choose the level that is best for dog

Have 1 to 99 different stimulation Levels. Follow the steps below to find the best level: Step 1: Starting at level 10 on the digital display, press the static button to see dog’s reaction
Step 2: Move up through the stimulation levels until your pet reliably responds to the stimulation
step 3: If your dog continues to show no responds at level 50, check the fit of the receiver collar.

If your dog has long or thick hair, change to a longer set of contact points, or dog’s hair will need to be trimmed around the contact points


544 reviews for NVK Dog Training Collar – 2 Receiver

  1. Meagan Kramarz

    I’ve only just received it. I can’t make a determination on my opinion until I’ve had sufficient time.

  2. Heather Escobedo

    Collar #1 stopped working and I can’t get assistance through Amazon or the seller

  3. Melissa Restrepo

    The collar length can be a bit complicated especially if you need to cut it knowing that the dog will grow

  4. Michael Faubel

    We like having both collars on one transmitter however it is a little clunky to switch quickly between collars.

  5. Ashley Ornelas

    Works great! Wish it were a bit easier to switch between dogs though.

  6. Ken Cruz

    It is a great product, it’s easy to use straight out of the box and all modes are effective to use for dog training.

  7. Jennifer Creager

    I am happy with the collars. I use them for barking. Gentle and effective.

  8. Lucy Ochoa

    Works well, range hasn’t been tested but overall happy with the product


    Works well for our two dogs and the controller has room for up to four. It is difficult to switch quickly between dogs but we are still very happy with the purchase.


    Wish it came with a remote for each collar, as we are behavior training both of our indoor dogs simultaneously (excessive barking at EVERYTHING from birds to delivery vehicles to people walking in the street, and of course, the Dreaded Mailman), so it’s difficult to juggle between the two collars while they’re both going nuts!
    Otherwise, after learning how to use the product, I’m pleased with the results so far.

  11. Mark Ryan

    this product is the best we’ve ever had…we have already shared this product info to a lot of our friends, for the price and the durability of it we couldn’t have asked for a better dog collar

  12. Renee Shelton

    Have used for 3 weeks and appears to be an effective product as decribed. No issues so far. Will recommend.

  13. Karrie Lutkin

    Thanks for helping get things under control

  14. Antoine Burke

    Love the setting options and the multiple device connections.

  15. Yvette Broomhead

    I like having the three different correction options…sound, vibrate, and shock. My dogs hear the sound and instantly check in with me. If they still don’t listen, I push vibrate. I have not had the need to shock them.

  16. Aaron Chapman

    I absolutely love this dog collar and will be recommending it to all my friends. It changed my life. My dog actually listens to me now. Thanks for the great product! I will never stop using this collar.

  17. Dorothy Canoles

    The product is excellent. I love the control the remote gives you. I have never had to use the static setting my dog responds well to the noise and vibration. I have had two other different brand collars for her but this one is by far the absolute best. I love it

  18. Josh Blaisure

    I love this product! Dog is responding very quickly!
    Haven’t even had to use the shock yet. The vibration method is working great.

  19. Jessica Becknell

    Super easy to set up and use and I love that it’s water proof!

  20. Jeremy Puckett

    So far it’s wonderful, and I have already recommended it to family for their dogs

  21. Joe Almgreen

    Best dog training collar I have used yet.
    Excellent battery life and great range.

  22. Rick Vermilyea

    Great product works as advertised and very effective.

  23. Mark Dusbabek

    Love it! Easy to use and helps a ton training the hooligans.


    Seems like it is good quality. Just got it time wil tell

  25. Hailey Duncan

    Already referred my dad and he bought one! Great product!

  26. John Kelly

    Works just like it is described to. Very happy with purchase. Made a huge difference. Only using beep and vibration.

  27. Victoria Stewart

    A little confusing to use, at g g fhfddcggyghjfdfhjgchhggg

  28. Beatriz Lynn Madrid

    I love how easy this product was to set up!

  29. Brandey bivell

    I think it works great no problems

  30. Susan Patterson

    Easy to use and setup. Both of my dogs have been very responsive, even on low settings.

  31. Luis Mason

    Nice product that is super easy to set up and use

  32. Jonathan Smith

    The product is very good based on the fact theres three different features to the collor itself and that the remote can control up to 4 dogs.

  33. Lauren

    So far so great. Easy to use and instructions were very clear.

  34. John McBride

    Just got it but looks great. Good reviews on Amazon led me to purchase.

  35. Theresa Riggs

    So far is very user friendly and the dogs are responsive to signals.

  36. Dawnae Campbell

    I like that I can control 2 dogs with one controller

  37. Clarence L Ayotte

    I have yet to use these collars however I am excited to get started. I need to use as a slight correction tool.

  38. Tyrone Johnson

    I like it, it works well and is helping me effectively train my dog.

  39. Jerry M Stewart

    Delivered as promised.
    Product in good condition.
    Works as advertised.
    We see a definite improvement in our dog’s behavior in less than a week.

  40. Jeff Fliger

    Good product. Needed to train my dog and its working wonders so far.

  41. Larry H. Haag

    Needed another replacement for our large Husky. We have used 6 other brands which all seem to work for a while but need them to last longer than 5-6 months. we are going to try this one as we like the functions and the instruction booklet that seems to written by someone with command of the English language.. Here’s hoping we have come across a “winner”.

  42. Kari Vlietstra

    Great product so far. Will use more when weather gets good

  43. Christi Jackson

    Quick shipping & can use with 2 dogs.

  44. Cheyenne Patterson

    Awesome Collar… I did not think it would work as well as it does ..

  45. Sarah cain

    Nice sleek design with 3 training settings. Arrived on time and fully charged. Love that it is rechargeable!!

  46. Jeremy Hackett

    Its just a overall good product

  47. Gina Pichler

    Recommended by friend-very satisfied.

  48. Denise Arango

    Packaging was I tact, came with instructions. Had to buy after I saw a doggy I care for with it and I loved the results! Can’t wait to try it on my own 2 doggies.

  49. Larissa Katzenbach

    My husband and i like ur product

  50. Anders Aarsand

    I like the design and build of it and rather simple but was alittle confusing at first adjusting the levels of the remote would of been easier with a dial for shock and another set of buttons for different collars but I understand why it’s laid out the way it is over great product so far.

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