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  • 【3 TRAINING MODES】NVK dog training collar provides 3 extremely safe and humane training modes include Static Shock Mode (1-99 levels, Vibration Mode (1-9 levels) and standard Tone Mode (Beep Mode). You can choose the most effective mode and intensity level to correct barking, biting, digging, sitting, pee, aggression, and other bad behavior of dogs. Adjustable nylon collar length from 12 to 25 inches, suitable for small medium and large dogs.
  • 【Up to 1000ft Remote Training】Dog shock collar is made with RF434Mhz technology to provide a range of up to 1000 ft(330 yards) if there is no obstacle nearby. It’s flexible enough for you to train your dog no matter indoor in your backyard or for outdoor hiking or any other activities. Collar receiver with IPX6 rainproof tech, don’t worry about the function failure when it rains during outdoor training.
  • 【Best Dog Training Collar】Both receiver and remote are powered by lithium polymer batteries that take about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and they will last for about 15 day. It depends on how often you use it. Built-in LED light on the receiver and remote help you locate your dog even in a dark environment. And the remote transmitter has LCD display with backlight which supports you to train your dog all the time.
  • 【4 Channel Selection】NVK dog shock collar with remote supports maximum 4 dogs training with only 1 remote transmitter. And memory for settings makes it easy to operate, this means you can use this collar to train up to 4 different dogs with 4 different settings without resetting it. If you have more than 2 dogs in your house, NVK training shock collar would be the perfect option for you.
  • 【Industry-Leading Customer Support 】We are confident about our training collar for dogs, you can get detailed operating guide and training video, and 12 Months Warranty. If you have any issue with our remote dog collar contact us by the service card email address, and we will always be more than happy to issue you a refund or make an exchange for you.


Adjustable 0-99 Levels for Static Stimulation and Vibration, Beep Mode. Choose the most efficient training mode for your dog.

1620 reviews for NVK Dog Training Collar

  1. Brandi Nelson

    I like that there is a Safety lock so you don’t accidentally shock your dog!

  2. Rachel Miller

    Haven’t used it yet but looks like it will be great! Set up was easy.

  3. Marcus Pettis

    I just opened the box and put it together but I’m hopeful this product will be great. This is the 3rd collar I’ve bought.

  4. Christopher A Smith

    Works well and seems to be high quality. I really like the ability to customize it to my dogs needs and that it has 3 training functions.

  5. Joedy Petit Jr

    This is an awesome product, highly recommended!

  6. Angel Coyle

    We live on a 10 acre farm! I wanted the dog to be able to run around the farm with out being tied up. The underground fencing was ridiculous in pricing on such a big area so we trained the dog with this collar. It’s a month in and even if our dog is behind a building she comes to the sound of she can’t hear us yell for her!

  7. Lisa Stephens

    Works really good. Love the product. Needs a better collar and longer battery life. I know it works on my dog really good.

  8. Kasey Greathouse

    Works very well! Even set on level 2 the shock is very good.

  9. Cassandra Thompson

    Haven’t really had a chance to use it much. Wasn’t expecting the remote to be so huge. Kind of a disadvantage to keeping it in a pocket.

  10. Robert lustana

    Very light weight! Easy to use! Affordable price and works really great and i like that you can adjust the vibrate and electric power!

  11. Sarah

    We have 4 Huskies. I purchased one of these 2 weeks ago and was amazed at how well it worked. Which is why we just had to buy another one! We love it! We have the ability to give our dogs more exercise by playing fetch and being able to throw the ball farther than before when we could only through it in their run area. Our dogs learned very fast what each training mode is. I highly recommend this product!

  12. Mike Sumrow

    Satisfied easy to use Love that the batteries are rechargeable

  13. Julio Portillo

    No complains does everything it advertises

  14. Qui Huynh

    Works well on our dogs. They bark a lot when they see another dog, but the sound of the beep is enough to redirect their attention.

  15. Trey Price

    Still getting the hang of using the collar but have had good responses from the dog so far.

  16. Angela Bettis

    It is really a good design! It seems to be working on my puppy with training to stop barking and chasing the cats

  17. Esmeralda Arenas

    This collar is amazing works wonders may dog tends to bark all of a sudden for no reason and with the collar as soon as he trys to bark the collar activates and shocks him without hurting him ams immediately stays silenced this is a great way to start training.

  18. Carol Kirby

    The hand held remote is a little large for smaller hands while also trying to hold a leash with the other. Other than that it seems to be a good choice.

  19. Brian Melching

    This product is great for training dogs

  20. Anand Shah

    It works well on long hair dogs while others don’t

  21. Orlando Arroyo-Ocasio

    Great product.Well built and very happy of this purchase

  22. Antonio Lopez

    Looks nice and cant wait so it can help me with my dog

  23. Devin Calloway

    I love this! It is super easy to use! I love that it has the lock so you don’t accidently push buttons. It is super easy to use and charges fast!

  24. Kent Williams

    The quality and design is amazing and sleek.

  25. Meredith Ethington

    I just received the product but if it helps my dog it will be totally worth it

  26. Sarah Fournier

    Seems to be nice quality. Works well. Would recommend.

  27. Lukas

    It is super easy to set up and our dog is already doing better. Very happy with this product.

  28. Alex Burris

    This is an amazing product. Well done.

  29. Keven B Babbitt

    Easy to use; simple instructions. Works as described

  30. Emily Callahan

    Will continue to use and train more and send back any more reviews

  31. Taylor Brandon

    The charger is nice with the magnetic part to it! It’s super convenient!

  32. Feng Jiang

    It is very easy to use and made my dog very obedient.

  33. Kaelynn castro

    We’ve been struggling with training our dog and almost had given up until we came across this product and it has made such a drastic change. We are very hopeful that she will soon learn without it!

  34. Molly Maffei

    Like the rubber caps and remote interface.

  35. Sarah Grover

    We have 4 Huskies and have never been able to have them off the leash. But now with this when we want to take one of them with us out to events and such. It makes it so much easier. We love it!

  36. Christina David

    I can’t really negatively review it yet as it is still charging but I will say the only complaint I have right now is the magnetic charger moves around too much

  37. Erika Nicole Mullin

    Works well! My dog has never listened better, all I have to do is beep it and she comes right to me or stops digging in the yard! 10/10 do recommend.

  38. Shelby E Richards

    Works great user friendly love the rechargable aspect.

  39. Brandt Phillips

    So far so good. I wish the transmitter had a belt clip though

  40. Aaron J Forjone

    I bought it do to not having a fenced yard and will work to train her

  41. Alexandra Utrup

    Don’t know yet, still charging it

  42. andrew cavin

    The design is great the collar doesn’t slip it stays put where you put it love the multi function of it also all around great training collar

  43. Jennifer schley

    Great product dog was a little nervous at first but turned out good

  44. Loann McGee

    We just received this collar and just in time as our little dogs love to chat loudly with everyone and every animal that walks past our backyard.

  45. Austin R Reed

    I love all of the functions on this collar. There are 99 different shock levels, the collar and remote are both rechargeable, and you can change the length of the probes. Love it so far!

  46. jody simpson

    Love the distance of transmission

  47. Tera warwas

    I was having issues with my puppy growling at people who would visit us. This collar has taught him he has calmed down alot

  48. Jennifer Horne

    Our dog was having a hard time listening and would run away. She began to listen once we started using this product. With treats for good behavior and a shock to stop the bad ones. It is day 4 and she has already began to listen with a warning!

  49. Joseph Dupont

    I like the design. Looks more sleek and modern than other bulky options

  50. Emily Crews

    It worked really well for my dog. He started learning to listed a lot quicker.

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