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  • 【3 TRAINING MODES】NVK dog training collar provides 3 extremely safe and humane training modes include Static Shock Mode (1-99 levels, Vibration Mode (1-9 levels) and standard Tone Mode (Beep Mode). You can choose the most effective mode and intensity level to correct barking, biting, digging, sitting, pee, aggression, and other bad behavior of dogs. Adjustable nylon collar length from 12 to 25 inches, suitable for small medium and large dogs.
  • 【Up to 1000ft Remote Training】Dog shock collar is made with RF434Mhz technology to provide a range of up to 1000 ft(330 yards) if there is no obstacle nearby. It’s flexible enough for you to train your dog no matter indoor in your backyard or for outdoor hiking or any other activities. Collar receiver with IPX6 rainproof tech, don’t worry about the function failure when it rains during outdoor training.
  • 【Best Dog Training Collar】Both receiver and remote are powered by lithium polymer batteries that take about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and they will last for about 15 day. It depends on how often you use it. Built-in LED light on the receiver and remote help you locate your dog even in a dark environment. And the remote transmitter has LCD display with backlight which supports you to train your dog all the time.
  • 【4 Channel Selection】NVK dog shock collar with remote supports maximum 4 dogs training with only 1 remote transmitter. And memory for settings makes it easy to operate, this means you can use this collar to train up to 4 different dogs with 4 different settings without resetting it. If you have more than 2 dogs in your house, NVK training shock collar would be the perfect option for you.
  • 【Industry-Leading Customer Support 】We are confident about our training collar for dogs, you can get detailed operating guide and training video, and 12 Months Warranty. If you have any issue with our remote dog collar contact us by the service card email address, and we will always be more than happy to issue you a refund or make an exchange for you.


Adjustable 0-99 Levels for Static Stimulation and Vibration, Beep Mode. Choose the most efficient training mode for your dog.

1620 reviews for NVK Dog Training Collar

  1. Sandeep Patil

    The remote is too bulky. Would be better if it could be compact, pocket friendly. The vibration variation could be better.

  2. John P Levell

    Been using the collar on a particularly stubborn Dachshund with an almost fanatical fascination with turtles including captive tortoises which share some outdoor spaces. While still a work in progress, a definite improvement is evident already.

  3. Michelle White

    Simple straight forward product and easy to use.

  4. Megan Smith

    This product has made a world of difference with my dog. He’s a Great Dane/Lab mix and he is very stubborn. We are finally able to train him using this collar.

  5. Jim Engle

    It has work very well for our Doberman. He has become a much more pleasant dog to have around!

  6. Sharon Peek

    I like how easy it was to operate and how it works effectively with our dog with just the sound and vibrate modes. I also like the distance that it works.

  7. Dawn Kasper

    I just got it but I’m excited to use it.
    Well made

  8. Tania Saucedo

    It was tricky to figure out the buttons on the remote and how to increase vibrations/pulses

  9. Joyce Silver

    Love that this product is approved by other dog lovers. We alao have to train ourselves to make this work. Our dog ia around 14 months and is stubborn. Just started using it so will know more later. I sure it will work.

  10. Selam Ekubegizie

    I like the product and I can see visible.changes in my dogs behavior after only a couple days


    Easy to use. I like that it comes with a test light to make sure collar is working..

  12. Michael McGowan

    Have had a hand me down one from a family members for awhile and finally bought another. Great product.

  13. Mike Drayton

    We don’t know much about it yet just received the collar.

  14. Katie Forster

    Sometimes it doesn’t seem responsive

  15. Lindsay Roberts

    Great product, easy to use. Like the waterproof collar for my water dog.

  16. Nicole Cline

    It is a nice design. The product is user friendly and easy to set up.

  17. Scott Chandler

    Seems very well made and works as advertised. I do wish the response time was quicker from button push to execution, but there are limitations on wireless devices. So far it’s great.

  18. Charlie

    It’s a well designed collar designed for the training I need to give my dog

  19. ashley thompson

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anthony Colletti

    Can’t wait to see if this collar works for my pup.

  21. Georgette Mickens

    It works very well. My dog responds to the beep and vibrate so I don’t have to use the shock. The beep is a nice tone to help refocus him.

  22. Pamela A Noel

    3 friends have purchased this product and this collar was highly recommended.

  23. Darren McLeod

    This is a great product, easy to use and well made.

  24. Jesus Revilla

    Works very well and my dog actually responds to the collar compared to others I’ve tried. When I see bad behavior the vibratio alone corrects said behavior

  25. Marian Fernando

    I love this collar. I wish I had found it earlier then I would never doubt that puppy is untrainable. He is well behave now. Thank you for giving us a chance to enjoy our puppy.

  26. Vannessa Dawson

    Works Great. My dog behavior changed after the first shock. He now responds to the beep. Worst case I have to use the vibration.

  27. Hannah Mac Kenzie

    I like that it comes with rubber protectors in the instance where you do NOT want to shock the pet and only want to use beep and vibrate mode.

  28. Jason Rebuck

    This product has made walking our oversized puppy much easier to get her to listen to commands that she otherwise ignored before this purchase.

  29. Jessica Carter

    So far we like this collar more then the $200 one we had before.

  30. Leonardo Pino

    Is nice product, good design, I really loved

  31. Kathy Martin

    It works well. It’s effective.

  32. Caitlen Boles

    Love it so far, already see a great change in my dogs behavior just using the vibration feature.

  33. Laurie A Brunea

    Just received it, haven’t tried it yet

  34. Solomon Taylor

    Collar arrived quickly and only took a couple of hours to charge. I have not had to use the shock option on my dog, he has responded well to just the vibration.

  35. Trevor Alcorn

    Works great. A little difficult to figure out how to get the collar to fit but once you do it works amazing.

  36. Nick Kahnke

    IIIIIIII looooovvvvveeeee ttthhhhhiiiissss coooolllllar

  37. Hud

    I love the collar that I bought. It makes my dog obedient and not a fool anymore. The sound button is enough for her to do the right thing usually.

  38. Alan Rodriguez

    Great product, reasonable price, exactly what I needed to continue my dogs training.

  39. Cailey Brownfield

    I had to use the shock feature one time.. since then all I need is the vibrate and my pup knows to knock off what she’s doing and listen! HIGHLY recommend- I have a German shepherd so she is very stubborn and in her way. This really helps get my point across

  40. Jorge Manuel García

    It’s an amazing product, it helped me to teach my dog new stuff and most important gives me the confidence that I would have the possibility to let him know when he is doing something wrong for españoles following a car.

  41. Tanner Targett

    I like it’s rechargeable and sleek

  42. Deztinee Stanley

    So far i love this collar. I was trying to stay away from bulky collapses & i found this one. My dog is responding to this collar well.

  43. Shelby Gibbs

    This product works very well. The shock feature is a tad too strong, but overall it does the trick.

  44. Mark post

    Easy to use and works well. I can see the battery meters on both remote and collar and know when to recharge. The dog responds well to the shock and the range is on point.

  45. Chris Froilan

    Just purchased this device. Set up and ready to use very quick.

  46. Samuel Blank

    This collar is very well designed and does not look or feel cheap like other collars I have purchased in the past. The included usb charger is longer than I expected. Overall I am. Very pleased

  47. Paige

    Seems to work very well. my pitty listens alot better and isn’t jumping on people

  48. Carlos Ortega

    Me parece un producto genial, su funcionalidad y diseño me parecen excelentes

  49. Kaitlin Esola

    Great! Product is good for pet training. Thank you for a good product

  50. Renaldo Hayes

    Seems ok so far. I’ve yet to give it a try still charging.. exited to see to outcome

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