NVK Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote


(939 customer reviews)
  • 3 Training Modes: with 3 training modes (Static Shock (0-99 levels), Vibration (0-9 levels), Beep)
  • 4 Channel: NVK shock collar with remote support a maximum of 4 dogs training only 1 transmitter
  • 1600ft Remote & Waterproof: Shock collar for dogs with range up to 1600ft, waterproof level IPX7
  • Security Lock: The prevents misoperation on the remote, without worrying about the accidental shock
  • Training Collar: Takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and they will last for about 15 days


Dog Training Tips for the Beginner:

1. Before using the dog training collar, make sure that the contact points must have direct contact with dog’s skin on the underside of neck.

2. Do not wear receiver more than 12 hours.

3. To make your dog to adapted to the training tool, it is recommended to start training dogs at a lower level.

4. Adjust the most comfortable collar length to your dog, do not too loose or too tight.

Main Characteristic of NVK Dog Training Collar Set:

1. The maximum distance it covers is as wide as 1600 feet.

2. 3 training modes: beep tone, vibration, and static training modes.

3. Magnetic charging port design and ipx7 waterproof for the receiver.

4.9 adjustable vibration level and 99 adjustable static level.

5. 2 battery status display for remote and receiver.

6. Support maximum 4 receiver collars with one remote.

7. Equipped with LED indicator for the remote control and the low power alert for the receiver.

8. Equipped with 4 memory settings, training different dogs is no need to reset levels.

9. Long life lithium polymer battery.

939 reviews for NVK Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

  1. Kim Lanum

    Works very well and provides enough correction to be effective.

  2. Sara Bailey

    Have used this collar for 2 days now and it has worked great!

  3. Stephanie Bollinger

    I love that this is a waterproof collar and the remote is big enough that I won’t lose it all the time!

  4. Anna Creazzo

    Great product. Ordered two collars as I am having issues with two of my dogs and hoping with the right training and these collars, it will correct the problem. Just received and they seem great….. reviews were all positive. Hoping for great results

  5. Keri rohn

    It’s awesome, friend recommended it!

  6. Paris Bland

    This product exceeded my expectations and was well worth the price.

  7. Todd Lederer

    Just opened it, hard to say anything

  8. Ken Hickman

    Works great so far. We have only been using it a short time.

  9. Jacob lazear

    It looks nice and isn’t as bulky as other training collars. It has a great range for training my dog. The collar isn’t as stiff as other brands and seems to be more comfortable to leave on my dog.

  10. Steven Robinson

    It works as described with no issues so far

  11. Ashley Labat

    So far so good , thought the beeping could be a little louder like my last one , and the vibration a little stronger , but so far so good

  12. Angela Ponce

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I hopes it’s great

  13. Katie Weber

    Great product. Just as described online. Love the ability for three different functions.

  14. William Minton

    It’s a great product! The remote was easy to understand and pairing was easy to. I like that it gives you options instead of just a shocker. Very please with it.

  15. Shay Love

    So far so good. Withing the 1st 30mins my dogs attitude changed and she’s more calm and listens. I don’t use the shock feature nor do I plan too. I bought this as a training tool. She doesn’t wear it all day just when we are traing.

  16. David Lagge

    This dog training collar has great range and is easy to use.

  17. Lisa Stettler

    My dog fur is very thick and the probes didn’t seem long enough

  18. Shayla Nguyen

    I enjoy the change of vibration levels, I had bought one over 100 dollars at PetSmart and it doesn’t do as much as this one. I like how it’s waterproof. I specifically bought this one because of its prominent collar noise. My old one is too soft for my dog. It’s alittle smaller but than my other one which is what i wanted but only about half an inch, however the design is more sleek.

    I enjoy how the collar is a magnet charge, making it fully waterproof. The remote is quite large but it’s whatever.

    My dog is a little princess, I’ve let her get away with things for 5 years, untill we’ve seriously started training. I used e-collars in the past and then completely forgot.
    She’s has an in ground electric fence too so it’s been easy to transition using the device

  19. Josh keen

    Simply and easy safe a all around awesome product

  20. Jennifer Byrd

    Very well designed and appealing….

  21. Jordan Call

    This product so far is working flawlessly. We love it and our dog is acting much better. Thank you!

  22. Robert Olszewski

    The manual was very in-depth and very helpful.

  23. Tom Rohn

    Looks good and has lots of features

  24. Karla Elias

    On just the first day i got it I noticed differences in my dogs behavior she got it right away!

  25. Kelly VanSandt

    Collar fits great and works great. We only use the nose and vibration because they are great training tools.


    So far it is easy to use, it has only been a day but seems to be doing the job.

  27. Rachael Epelbaum

    Simple yet effective behavior modification training for barking boy

  28. Tanner Johnston

    I just got the product today. It seems great so far. No complaints

  29. Sharri Luke

    My dog wants to steal the trash out of the kitchen and run it in the backyard this has helped immensely just buy a beep thank you for the product

  30. Krystal Howard

    I have a stubborn pit and Great Pyrenees. This product is already helping some of their bad habits.

  31. Katie Keleman

    my dog is very wild, since i used this collar he has calmed down immediately! great buy!!

  32. Sonya Baringolts

    Very simple and works perfect for my dog! Love this product.

  33. Crista Kornahrens

    I bought the shock collar because my sister uses the same one with her pitbull and I’ve seen amazing results.

  34. Sarah Keown

    Looks like it works great. My dog listens and doesn’t bark as often and if fits her great

  35. Sarah Bone

    Easy to use! And it’s waterproof! Plus my dog responds to it well even with low voltage!

  36. David Alden

    Easy to use, works as intended

  37. Mark Burgess

    Does exactly what it says without issue.

  38. Devonee Celena Rodriguez

    I love love love the design of this product, I like that it has a keypad lock for extra safety, and the sleek look of the collar! It’s not bulky like other collars, love it!

  39. Michele Delgado

    Great price, delivered quickly

  40. Joanna Wilson

    I haven’t used the product yet as I am charging it but I am so excited to try it! My dog moans and cries every time we ride in the car out of excitement but it she is so loud. Can barely hear anyone on the phone or the radio. Really want this product to work and the reviews were all great.

  41. Jean Hillyer

    Collar and remote work great for our German Shepard. We have been working with him since right before Christmas and he is adapting great to it. It was easy to install the longer prongs due to his long coat. The battery life is fantastic on this. We are working with him on bark control and leaving the cat alone. With the collar we have only had to use the sound thus far with him

  42. Candace Nieto

    It seems wonderful. Completely charged at opening.

  43. Denise Kenney

    I’m eager to train my deaf dog to come using the vibration mode and correct barking issues with the shock mode.

  44. Carlos Blanco

    Easy to use affordable my dog seems to not be bothered by it as well overall nice buy

  45. Shawn Carroll

    Just received it but seems to have helped my dog obey my command when it comes to walking. I got to try to stop him from charging ahead and pulling whoever is walking him. Early stages but seems to have an effect so far.

  46. Randy Reynaga

    Cool product. Waiting on seeing how long it lasts. Hope it lasts a while. Seems worth the price.

  47. Heidi Cronin

    I just opened the box. It looks great and came very quickly! I am very happy that it has a lifetime warranty.

  48. Richard Bradshaw

    Very functional device. Seems to work on a variety of formats that will fit our dogs needs.

  49. Brittany Tessier

    This product is great! My German shepherd really listens to commands now and she comes on command. She is now a better dog! Thanks

  50. Kevin Wadkins

    Very nice product. Fits my dog well. High quality product and easy to use

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