NVK Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote


(939 customer reviews)
  • 3 Training Modes: with 3 training modes (Static Shock (0-99 levels), Vibration (0-9 levels), Beep)
  • 4 Channel: NVK shock collar with remote support a maximum of 4 dogs training only 1 transmitter
  • 1600ft Remote & Waterproof: Shock collar for dogs with range up to 1600ft, waterproof level IPX7
  • Security Lock: The prevents misoperation on the remote, without worrying about the accidental shock
  • Training Collar: Takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and they will last for about 15 days


Dog Training Tips for the Beginner:

1. Before using the dog training collar, make sure that the contact points must have direct contact with dog’s skin on the underside of neck.

2. Do not wear receiver more than 12 hours.

3. To make your dog to adapted to the training tool, it is recommended to start training dogs at a lower level.

4. Adjust the most comfortable collar length to your dog, do not too loose or too tight.

Main Characteristic of NVK Dog Training Collar Set:

1. The maximum distance it covers is as wide as 1600 feet.

2. 3 training modes: beep tone, vibration, and static training modes.

3. Magnetic charging port design and ipx7 waterproof for the receiver.

4.9 adjustable vibration level and 99 adjustable static level.

5. 2 battery status display for remote and receiver.

6. Support maximum 4 receiver collars with one remote.

7. Equipped with LED indicator for the remote control and the low power alert for the receiver.

8. Equipped with 4 memory settings, training different dogs is no need to reset levels.

9. Long life lithium polymer battery.

939 reviews for NVK Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote

  1. Dave Dial

    Bought the collar because it is waterproof and has a long range



  3. Rebecca Smith

    We have a german shepard and nothing we tried worked until we got this shock collar. It was very easy to get started. We really like the different setting available on the collar, charge last a good while and it also charges quickly. The fact that the collar is comfortable for our dog and that the remote has a off setting so no accidental shocks are inflicted is a plus too.

  4. Van A. Guentzel

    The beep and vibrate settings are enough to correct behavior. The shock has only been used a
    few times. But, there are plenty of shock settings and low enough for a smaller dog.

  5. Jordan

    Works good as far as I can tell. Easy to setup and go

  6. Nicole Queen

    Works great! Haven’t used the shock feature as the vibration works!

  7. Bekah Hurt

    We just welcomed Enzo, a Mastiff puppy, into our home. At 5 months he is already almost 70lbs and sometimes he doesn’t realize his own strength or how intimidating he can be to my 5 year old son. We purchased the collar as a training tool and have only used the “beep” and vibrate functions. It has helped us so much! We liked the results so much that my parents ordered one as well!

  8. Michael Kantor

    The instructions were very clear and I enjoy your product!

  9. Don Burtch

    Like that you can lock it and not accidently interact with the dog. Sound seems to work to stop the barking so far, but may have to use the vibration. Won’t use the shock function. Having to use both hands to toggle between two dogs seems unhandy, so might order another one for second dog. Might also go with one that the dog’s barking activates the functions rather than having to use the remote since not always nearby. Cost was right for experimenting with different options while training. Haven’t used long enough to comment on battery life or vibration adjustment, but so far, so good.

  10. Stanley Panicko

    Works great first time use the dogs stopped barking

  11. Sharon Theakos

    Excellent! After using only few days, all I have to do now is pick up the remote and my dog immediately stops what he’s doing. I only had to shock him a couple times on low setting and now can use the vibrate to accomplish same results.

  12. Laurae Roberts

    So far works great, he definitely pays attention now and only had to use the beeb and vibration

  13. Jo Ann Bates

    If it helps in training our puppy to stay out of areas she is not allowed to go it will be the perfect training aid. Easy to use, and gets their attention.

  14. Corinna Johnson

    Excellent collar, love the options and variable strengths and remote range.

  15. Stacy Wood

    It works good. I would recommend it to others.

  16. Aaron scott

    Good product. Has helped in training process.

  17. Robert V Silliman

    Worked fast and git the point across! He is better behaved now

  18. Malinda lamb

    Great but the remote is to big for me.

  19. james e wellnitz

    so far it has worked on my one and a half dog

  20. Amanda Shupe

    Its very nice im extremely impressed concerning the very affordable price! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality yet affordable ecoller

  21. Hannah Martin

    I like the product I just wish the remote was a little smaller

  22. Ereighn Young

    Very good product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Cathy McKinney

    Excellent product – just what we needed to keep our wandering beagle in the yard. Charges quickly!

  24. Jeremy Garcia

    Like the size looks like it might work out for my dog due to her large neck

  25. Cecil Kirkpatrick

    The product does exactly as you stated. Very well made. I haven’t used it on a regular basis but I’m going to do better.

  26. Adam Barboza

    Super user friendly and user pamphlet is straight forward

  27. Juan Agudelo

    I find the remote a little big….

  28. Amy Switalski

    So far it seems like a good product, however, there is a warning sign when we press the stimulation button and no shock waves are detected

  29. Lori Anne McNally

    Remote wont hold charge after less than one month of use

  30. Kathleen Munday

    Being older it is complicated for me.

  31. Jazmine Valenzuela

    I like that it has many options, including the beep, vibrate, and shock.

  32. Joanie Helms

    I have not used it long enough to give a full review. But so far my pit bull is very responsive to it. I have not had to shock her yet the beep and vibration seem to grab her attention well enough at the moment. Our last collar (different brand) she would ignore even when she was shocked which is not ideal when she is chasing the ducks.

  33. Charles Bland

    So far great product, durable and well made.

  34. Renee Mochelle Tafoya

    This product has worked well in just the first use. My lab/pit mix respondid to the vibration mode immediately.ni have yet to use the shock response. It is truly a miracle so far. Thank you for the prompt shipment as well

  35. Anthony Paquin

    Good product, battery doesn’t last as long as when I first got it

  36. Mel Marshall

    Using to train new puppy. Seems to work so far

  37. Karoline Moura Do Carmo

    I like this product,This price is so low and product is beautiful

  38. Jen

    It’s a great product. Easy to use

  39. Dakota Dailey

    Looks good so far and i like the charging features seems like

  40. Laura Rojas

    I think that the vibration setting as well as the beeping setting is very useful just so people don’t automatically use the shock setting at first. My dog has starting learning faster to not jump up on people based on the vibration setting and it doesn’t scare him at all when I use it. Thank you guys so much for the product!

  41. Jodi Van loon

    We like the beep and the shock options.

  42. Frenchie Linton

    I really like the product. The only drawback is the way to charge the collar. If not put correctly it does not charge. It is a magnet that holds it and it can be moved easily. I am using it on my rescue dog ( with many problems). So far it seems to work but, I have not used it long enough to comment about its effectiveness. So perhaps at a later time, I will re-evaluate my review…

  43. Tara Bredfield

    Great product. Love it so far.

  44. Lenora Carey

    I find that this product is easy to use

  45. Ruth Perez

    It works really well. It does what I need it to do. I am using it as a way to train my dog not to bark so much.

  46. Chad Steen

    The collar is easy to use. I love that there js a lock feature to prevent accident discharge. My beagles have responded to the sound and the rate modes well.

  47. Shawn sellers

    Good so far. Just received 2 weeks ago.

  48. Travis Hughes

    Looks really well designed and made. I love the magnetic charging port on the collar.

  49. Peggy Mehle

    Love the functionality. Seems well made.

  50. Tom Randall

    We just received the NVK remote Dog collar today. I charged it up which was very convenient with the dual connection USB cord provided. Everything seems to be in good working order and set up is straight forward. I will be using it on my dog in the next few day’s and will know more relevant things about the product in the coming day’s.

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